So my butt was dirty – so what?

OK – peeps – do I have your attention?

In January my Mom looked after her friends’ farm in the Wairarapa  – a very pretty little place really – but not all that little.

My Mom’s friends have a lifestyle block, animals, like two dogs, three cows, about 20 sheep and lambs – they have goats (and that population has increased since my last visit) – and they have chickens that lay eggs – and one of those chickens had some babies – heavens those baby chicks were so cute when I saw them.   Yeap – my Mom and I have been to our friends’ farm several times this year.

Some of my farm friends
Some of my farm friends

So going back to January my Mom farm sat for her friends.  The second day there I had a dirty butt.  I wriggled along the floor and that’s when my Mom noticed.  So Mom took me to the vets, thank goodness I was able to be seen sooner than later.

The lovely lady vet put on a rubber glove, found something that my Mom says is lube and whilst my Mom gave me lovely cuddles that lady vet put her finger where no vet should put their finger – and I didn’t care for it much.   Not at all.    But the receptionists make such a fuss of me  and gave me cuddles.  Whilst I was there, my Mom said that they also groomed – so she booked me a few days later – in fact it was the day that we were due to go home.   What we didn’t realize was that the Vet put me to sleep  and when I awoke – I was like a drunk human – unable to stand on my own four paws.

So I was allowed to sleep all the way home.   That suited me fine.  Then the next day I looked at myself in my Mom’s mirror and got a fright – they had given me a number two hair cut!  But with summer here in January it was good timing.

My number 2
My number 2

We now fast forward to February – and my Mom and me went over to see her friends who were throwing a bbq – and to my Mom’s astonishment – I came onto heat.  I don’t quite know what that means – but my Mom was surprised and she then kept me home until things settled down again.

Fast forward to March we went over to the farm for the weekend and I’m not going to comment too  much.  But in the early hours of the morning I must have asked my Mom to let me out in the middle of the night – and she must have been very tired because she must have closed the door and went back to sleep.   Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy – because one of the farm animals – and I am not going to say which one it was because they are really my friends – decided to teach me a lesson – and the lady of the house came and comforted me.  One of my animal friends decided to tell me they were the king of their castle – and as a small peep, and just visiting I really do understand that.

So fast forwarding to Thursday night, my butt got itchy again, and wriggled it on my Mom’s carpet and she eventually saw that I was having the same issue as before.   Mom took me back to the vet which is a good drive from my Home – and I was kinda happy to be driven but I didn’t see that nice lady.  It was a man!?

We eventually arrived at the vets.  I bounded into the vet’s  and the receptionist remembered me.   The lady who weighed me – gave me a belly rub and told my Mom that she thought I might be pregnant?   She also told my Mom that she thought I would be a good mother.  My Mom has told me that she didn’t think that me being a Mom with my Mom helping would be a very good thing.  I had to nearly pick up Mom’s  jaw off the ground.  Apparently I have produced milk.

The Vet, and not the nice lady from the last time – put on his glove and told my Mom that it was pretty bad down there – which my Mom had realized but until the gland had been released – which is a small dog’s problem on occasion – she would give me a bath later when we got home.

The Vet told my Mom that it was more than likely a phantom pregnancy and then he said that the females all produce milk at the same time – and that only the alpha dog gets pregnant.  So apparently I have phantom pregnancies.  Gosh – this has been the worse day for my Mom – because she she thought that the dog from her friends’ farm might have stuck his do dally into me – but Mom, You know I am a good girl – in fact – I am a lady!

We are all fine now – my Mom and me.  My Mom is keeping a very watchful eye on me – will someone please tell my Mom not to fuss so much – it can’t be good for her!

Mom – ya know – I have grown up such a lot and I really, really do luv ya.  That will never change!

Your Ms Bella always xox


I’m the Guard Dog of My Property

My Mom was alarmed when I awoke her because we had an *intruder* inside my side of my gate, but not inside our house, and I was not too happy that this person got too close to my Mom’s safe place.   BUT my Mom praised me and praises me daily for being a good girl, for being her protector and her guard dog.   I love pleasing my Mom and I enjoy her warm cuddles.

It was a lesson to me and my Mom, that despite my size, which is not as large as a german shepherd, I have a tremendous bark.  I will guard, I might bite, but rest assured I will protect my Mom and our safe abode.

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa
Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the sheepskin coat!

With the colder weather, and my new haircut my Grandma & Grandpa bought me a new coat.  It is really lovely and warm I must say – but my Mom takes it off when I go to bed – so that I don’t over heat when I lay above her pillow.   *Did I really say that?*

It is Sunday afternoon here, the fire is on and I am nice and warm as I have sprawled out in front of the fire place.    My ears prick up when I think we have a visitor.  I stay close to my Mom because I am her rock.   Yeap – really proud of my voice and again my Mom will tell me I’m such a good girl.

At least my Mom is sleeping again – and I don’t forget my role.  I am a valuable guard dog and my best Friend is my Mom.

I don’t know who is the luckiest, me or my Mom.  I will let you decide!   




My beauty regime July 2014

from Bella

My winter beauty treatment My winter beauty treatment

My Mom tells me, lately it has been “all about Me”.

You might remember ages ago, I did ask my Mom if she had found a groomer, but because my Mom has been working, although she made a few discrete enquiries, she really didn’t have the time to go and visit and follow through.    Anyway, I told my Mom, I didn’t want any other groomer apart from Aunty Michelle.

Fluffy Butt Dog Bathhouse and Grooming

Aunty Michelle had a little holiday and came back and opened up a new shop,  thank God for answering my prayers and my Mom’s prayers too, for coming back home.

My Mom received a text from Aunty Michelle telling her of this very exciting news and before too long, my Mom was telling me that I was going to be given the royal treatment.  Because really, although…

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My beauty regime July 2014

My winter beauty treatment
My winter beauty treatment







My Mom tells me, lately it has been “all about Me”.

You might remember ages ago, I did ask my Mom if she had found a groomer, but because my Mom has been working, although she made a few discrete enquiries, she really didn’t have the time to go and visit and follow through.    Anyway, I told my Mom, I didn’t want any other groomer apart from Aunty Michelle.

Fluffy Butt Dog Bathhouse and Grooming

Aunty Michelle had a little holiday and came back and opened up a new shop,  thank God for answering my prayers and my Mom’s prayers too, for coming back home.

My Mom received a text from Aunty Michelle telling her of this very exciting news and before too long, my Mom was telling me that I was going to be given the royal treatment.  Because really, although my Mom did her very best with grooming me, she is not an expert, and I hated standing on the ironing board.  I hated hearing the shearers going and I felt my Mom’s nervousness too.

So I was dropped off soon after 9.00 and I was finished by 4.00.    Not all that time was spent on me though, Aunty Michelle told me to ignore the attention of a brown poodle who was very talkative and who was jumping up to get closer to me whilst I was doing my best to ignore him, because, *I am just not that sort of girl*.

My Mom told me that she had better win lotto, because this year, the dog registration fees were over $100.00 and my beauty regime, was on top of that.    My Mom told me she will open a savings account for me, so that it doesn’t come as a big shock!    Wow a  lil peep with her own savings bank account – ain’t I spoilt.

My Mom was worried about me having such a short haircut I would feel the cold.   So she bought me a flash jersey.    Well it was fine until I went to bed and then I took it off all on my own, I simply got too hot laying under the covers with my Mom sleeping on the other side of the bed.  My bed is big, room for my Mom, and me *under the covers* and the cat – who I will tolerate at the end of the bed on Mom’s side.   We are not going to add to the family because then there simply wouldn’t be the room.

I hope my Mom adds to the family though, it sure would be nice to have some male human company around the house.  The energy is too female heavy *just sayin*.

Well this morning, my Mom has put me back in my new jersey and I must say until she lights the fire, it is pretty cold around here, so thanks Mom, for thinking of me.

My Mom tells me that Aunty Michelle will be coming one day soon for lunch.   I can’t wait for that day to roll on in.  It is really important to celebrate friendship, both human and lil peep varieties.

My Mom’s Easter Gift


Oh joy joy joy!

My Mom’s Easter Present

I don’t know why my Mom thought I needed a very soft toothbrush.  I mean to say what other lil peeps have their teeth brushed?

I can tell you, that I didn’t want to open my mouth for that foreign object and then there was that human toothpaste – yuck it was mint!  Needless to say, I rolled my mouth on my Mom’s best rug (but that hasn’t deterred her).

My Mom buys dental sticks for me to chew, and I would have thought that would have been enough – but not according to my Mom.

I know that I have to look after my teeth – we don’t want doggie dentures do we – but then I chew those dental sticks as well, but ever since Easter Saturday night, my Mom has managed to put that brush in my mouth – oh when will she learn?   Will she ever learn?   

My Mom and I share the toothpaste.  My Mom does her teeth  and then she gets me and I sit on her lap – and she attacks me – is there a human person that can tell my Mom that lil peeps don’t need to have their doggie teeth cleaned every night?

I sit on her knee, she manages to open my mouth, with the way she talks in my ear oh so softly, her finger goes in and I show her my smile  as she tells me I’m her favorite lil peep .   She has me under her spell – and although I want to chomp that foreign object but how can I?  My Mom’s fingers are still in my mouth, not to mention the sweet sound of my Mom’s voice.  Then I get some water and roll on my Mom’s best rug.

I’m sorry Mom if I want to chomp that foreign object, I am sorry if I spilled the water on your rug – and I’m sorry Mom if I accidentally nipped at you when you were cleaning my teeth as you  sweetly spoke in my ear.

I do note with concern that my Mom has not attempted to clean the cat’s teeth.  Why are we treated differently?  Not that I am really complaining!

Have I told you lately Mom that I luv you?  -If not, it is because I know You know.  But I know you will now always love my sweet breath when I kiss you good night.   Thank you Mom – I luv you too.    

Questions and Answers between Mom and Me

  • My Mom – bless her – asks me why do I ruin all my soft toys?

Well Mom the fact is I love them.   It is part of the challenge to dismember them quickly having a lot of fun along the way.  I am truly sorry you don’t see it the same way.      

  • My Mom – bless her – asks me why do I rip the stuffing out of my bed?  She told me I have ruined two lil peep beds and she is fed up with me.  

I did not have the heart to tell her that it is my ordained role – so that I might stay in *my Mom’s bed* and be nice and close to her!  Such a damn good plan if you ask me!    So far it is working!

  • My Mom bless her – asks why do I  chase the cat ?

The answer is clear – cats and dogs have a healthy relationship but Mom,  I am the top dog.   It is my place as being the eldest in the Household to maintain Top Dog status – the cat has to bow down to me.  I shudder when the cat is having a cuddle and if I am on the floor playing with a toy or a chew bone – Have you noticed Mom that I jump up onto your lap and you give me attention as well.   Again – I am the Alpha Dog – and the cat knows this.   It is about maintaining natural justice in our Household.

  • My Mom bless her – asks why do I chew holes in Mom’s flannelette sheets on her bed?

Well the answer again is simple – Mom – those sheets have your smell – so because I’m your Number One – i lick and lick and then inadvertently chew the sheets and before I know it,  I’m rather ashamed to say that I have made holes in *our* sheets.   Yeap – I just can’t get enough of you Mom!

Summing Up: My Mom bless her – is threatening me with a small peeps dog psychologist.  I know how to get out of this -You know Mom, I love Ya.  I am well behaved most of the time – but I do like things My Way!  Maybe if I tell Mom that I am only 3 she will reconsider but my Mom does know I luv her and that’s the main thing right? !!   

My Mom and the Kitchen

My Mom has been been busy in the kitchen which is why I have been quiet of late.

Bottled Beetroot
Bottled Beetroot

We did go for a drive last week to buy strawberries – why because Mom decided that strawberry jam might taste nice?  Go my Mom!

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam

I must say that I did a catch a strawberry that fell onto the floor – before Mom could bend over and pick it up!  Quite frankly I prefer strawberries and cream!   The following day Mom and I tried some of that jam – and it was heavenly.  I was given a corner of Mom’s toast that had a smidgeon of butter and a good drop of jam – and I must say, that now Mom is back at work,  she will have breakfast more often before heading out the door.    My goodness my Mom looks after me.

Blackberry Jam
Blackberry Jam

Yesterday Mom raided our blackberry patch.  She picked about a cup of blackberries after being scratched by the nasty thorns (even I know to stay clear of the blackberry patch) – and then there were the bees to avoid.  My Mom she’s very tall –  nearly 6′ tall – and she marched inside and got her gumboots – so that she could step further into the patch just to fetch a few more  berries.  I luv my Mom – she’s very brave to battle the depths of that nasty blackberry patch where not too many lil peeps or humans would willingly venture.   She was delighted when she made her first ever jar ever of blackberry jam.     Somehow I think she will probably repeat the exercise when more berries ripen.   Speaking of which, Mom got home tonight just before 7.00 p.m. and went and investigated the black berry patch.    There was nearly another cup of berries and she said hopefully by this weekend there will be more ready!    Here’s hoping Mom – and maybe we can try the blackberry jam.

My Mom’s Christmas Holidays are now over and our routine has changed.  Mom goes to bed reasonably early, which means I have to go to bed early too.  Now that is just not fair!.   We have to get up early too.    Every morning she tells me to be a good guard dog – as she feeds me, and I hear her car start and I run to the gate and look at my Mom as she drives off into the distance.   Then it’s back inside with me to finish my meal.

I don’t mind guarding the house, I have a big lawn to play in, and not to mention my indoor kennel.    When Mom was at work today,  I pulled in the big beef bone that I had hidden in my Mom’s Dahlias’ patch and left it on my Mom’s pillow just to let her know that I was thinking of her.

It’s the little things in life ain’t it, that makes us appreciate the bigger picture?

Geez my Mom is calling me to bed – can’t you hear her – I know she likes me close – but …. why can’t I be like any other teenager – but because I am a good lil peep – I am signing off to go and dream of dogs chasing cats – dreaming of my walks on the beach and the exciting smells – and if you look long enough my Mom will tell you that I have really exciting doggy dreams too.

I had better go and give my Mom a good night lick – and hopefully she will read me another story from my Christmas book.   This has become part of our ritual.

My Christmas Book - A Letter to My Dog
My Christmas Book – A Letter to My Dog